Welcome to Everything Ghost.  We are a group of friends who share an interest in all things Ghost, from a love of hearing traditional ghost stories, to conducting serious investigations into supposed haunted locations.  Our members consist of sceptics and believers alike, and we welcome both stances in investigating the paranormal.  Our investigation team consists of members who are now well experienced in investigations and they have visited hundreds of locations across the United Kingdom, from Edinburgh to Brighton and Wales.  We are also interested to hear of any investigations conducted by other groups.  Our website is purely designed for those with an interest in ghosts or the paranormal and we do not broach areas such as championing specific religious or denominational beliefs.   We welcome all those like minded folk who wish to visit our forum and discuss or debate a shared interest in a friendly fashion.  We also have a sister website where you can share your ghost stories and have them broadcast, or listen to stories from others free of charge.   We hope you enjoy our site and would love to hear your ghostly experiences!
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