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People At The Window

PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:37 pm
by Tasha O
When I was a child, I was brought up mainly by my grandparents in a small village in South West Scotland, it was built by the Electricity Board in 1935 for their workers, which my grandfather was one of, we remained in the same village until my grandfather retired in 1971.

During my last summer in the village a few photographs were taken, in one there is a clear view of the back bedroom window, we moved house before the photographs were developed, but once they were, we could quite clearly see people at the window, but no living person had been in the house when the picture was taken.

Now with the occupants of the back bedroom quite clearly at the window, my grandfather revealed experiences he had had in that room while sleeping in there, every night when he put the light out a white flash would go across the bed, the covers would be slowly pulled off from the bottom a few times, my grandfather would say to them “that’s enough now” he was left alone for the rest of the night, this ritual was repeated every night until my grandfather lost his temper and cursed and swore at the spirits, the covers were never pulled down the bed again.

I was never told about the spirits while living in the village but I knew they were there, the back bedroom was my toy room, and I sensed I was being watched, I would talk to the spirits, but they never tried to communicate back with me, I never felt frightened of them, the spirits once placed a green vase in the middle of the floor, I found it next time I went in the room, the vase would have broken falling from where it normally sat, I played hide and seek in the back bedroom one dark winters evening with three friends, we played with the light out, one of my friends hid in an alcove in the room, which was covered by a full length curtain, he swore some thing was standing beside him, our game of hide and seek in the dark was abandoned.

I still retain the photograph and negative, as well as the two people at the window there appears to be in the background, on a higher level, a partial skeletal remains.

All throughout my life I have wondered who the people at the window were, what had happened to them, and what time period they were from, who ever the occupants of the back bedroom were, they did us no harm in any way, and might have been trying to communicate with us in the only way they could, they were confined to that one room in our house, but I believe it's the land that’s haunted.

There was remains of a castle in the forestry nearby, while checking old maps out on line, dating back to 1800 hundreds, the castle was marked as a ruin then.

A good number of years ago now my mother sent the negative to a medium in Hern Bay but it was too large for her mount.

I have other stories to tell in relation to this village, and will write them soon.

Over the years I have experienced quite a lot of paranormal activity and I would like to share my stories with everyone if I May.

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:06 am
by Spirit Bear
Very interesting story, Tasha! Sounds like a few of the former tenants of the land, if not the house itself, are still around, watching over the place. Sure hope you can find and post that photo so we can have a good look at it-things like that will get a good discussion going here!

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:59 am
by GhostInTheMachine
What a brilliant and interesting story that is, thanks for posting Tasha! :)
How odd about that one bedroom. Of course there will be a lot I don't know a about this case, but just from what I see from that info it looks like it's history connected to that house and room rather than just the land, as otherwise I don't see why it would be confined to that one room.

Did you keep connections with that village after you left, or even better know who moved into that house next? Would be interesting to know if the next people also experienced anything.

Looks like the person was watching, and occasionally trying to get your attention, such as when the vase was moved.

Yeah, would be great to see that photo on here, it sounds like you tried once, but would be good if you did find a way to get it developed.

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:50 pm
by Tasha O
Hi Spirit Bear and Ghostinthemachine,

I have the photograph scanned on my laptop, I will try and alter the dimensions in order to send, I’m not sure how it will look, unfortunately I am in the picture too.

The Medium in Hern Bay said she could try and contact the spirits but she needed to put the negative in a mount and the old style negative would not fit, she sent it back to my mother and agreed there was more than one spirit present in the room.

The reasons I believed it to be the land that was haunted was because the houses were built in 1935 for the Electricity Board workers, a couple stayed in the house for a year before moving to Glasgow and my grandparents lived there next for 34 years, until 1971, my mother and I often wondered if the couple brought the spirits in, but then I think I can remember my mother saying the people in the adjoining house next door also experienced paranormal activity in their back bedroom too, sadly my mother died in 2007 and cant check with her now, my mother had kept in touch with the people in the house next door, who now stay not far from me but I did not know them so well and am not sure how I would approach the subject, since we left, the house has been up for sale several times, Ken Dodd, the entertainer, almost bought the whole village, the last time the house was for sale was in 2007 when my mother was ill, I had toyed with the idea of viewing the property then, but my mothers illness and passing took precedence, if the property comes up again for sale now, I will be their number one viewer.

I also toyed with the idea of going metal detecting at the back of one of the houses where I lost my grandmothers ring, introducing myself to the owners hoping they were good friends of the people in my old house now, who had perhaps been discussing the paranormal and get an introduction, guess wishful thinking.

My family did once discus the fact sprits might have been connected to the green vase, my grandmother had been given the vase which had came from a house destroyed by fire, according to my grandmother, thankfully no one had died in the fire, I have no idea where the vase went as when my grandparents and my mothers houses where emptied, the green vase was no longer there.

Today, I have managed to finally find some information out on the ruined castle, it was originally built in the 13th Centaury, in the 16th Centaury another castle was built on the same site, all the land around was presumably owned by the castle occupants, including where our house stood, still stands, but just not mine any more, I will do more research, the covenanters were mentioned in one site in connection with the area.

Tasha O

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:00 pm
by Spirit Bear
You do your research very well, Tasha! Sounds like your neck of the woods is very active!

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:57 pm
by jerry1975
Hi Tasha.

Very intresting story that.
Good luck with your research and i hope you find the
answers to your questions you may have about your experience.

If you could somehow maybe date the clothes they were wearing in
the photo this may give you a time scale of when your ghosts/visitors
were around.

I hope that may help you in some way.


Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:28 pm
by GhostInTheMachine
It sounds a fascinating place! I'm now thinking you are right, it may be a connection to the castle, or the land it stood on may well have been part of the outer ward of the castle or some other building. What an interesting research project you have!

Maybe you can go dig in the county archives, the local library, or ask Historic Scotland if they have any records about it, or info about the castle, or the land of this area. Sometimes there are plans. Also check the John Speed maps, you never know what you may find. Sometimes property deeds have interesting information too.

if you have problems with the photo, I use Photoshop so I can edit it if you want. Otherwise, try uploading it to and then you can paste the link here to the photo you uploaded, really interested to see it :)

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:13 pm
by Tasha O
Hi Spirit Bear, Jerry1975 and GhostInTheMachine,

I have tried researching before but obviously had been looking in the wrong place, but now I know where to go and look I will do more research, yes, there seems to have been some very interesting history in this area.

Unfortunately costume details are not very clear, but perhaps someone else might be able to see something in the photograph I cant.

GhostInTheMachine, I would appreciate it very much if I could send the scan of the photograph to you to edit, I am really not sure how it would turn out if I tried to edit it and reduce the dimensions, please advise how and where to send.

Tasha O

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:01 pm
by martin1985
Very interesting Tasha, sounds familiar with GhostInTheMachine's account of Chestnut Street (not sure if you have read it)

I would love to see the photo hope you can sort it out

Re: People At The Window

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:28 pm
by Tasha O
Hi martin1985,

I hope to have the photo in the forum soon.

I haven't as of yet read GhostInTheMachine's story, but I'm going for a little look about now.

Tasha O