The Black Cat

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The Black Cat

Postby Scaramouche » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:51 pm

Some years ago a good friend of mine, Stuart, passed away. We both knew that it was probably going to happen as his health had not been the best for some time. The pinch of it was, though, that - knowing the probability - we made a deal. It was to the effect that when Stuart passed if he found that there was life after death then he would try and contact me by sending me a sign.

We decided that a sign might be easier to send and identify as being 'bona fide' and 'above board' rather than relying on direct communication or something similar through a third party (although we agreed that this would be attempted IN ADDITION if at all possible). In other words, if I could clearly recognise the sign, there would be proof positive that Stuart still existed and, if he communicated by additional means, then I would be in absolutely no doubt that life did indeed continue beyond death.

The problem, however, was finding a sign that was uniquely individual and that had the potential to be 'arranged'; but would not be common place by any stretch of the imagination. The sign we came up with was a black cat that wasn't a black cat.

It was the third night after Stuarts' passing that I suddenly awoke in the early hours and perceived (in the dim light coming through the drawn curtains from the street lamp outside) what appeared to be the outline of the head of a huge cat (a Puma or something similar). As I shifted position slightly to get a better look, the head of the 'cat' seemed to move. I struggled desperately to think of any item(s) in my bedroom that stood between myself and the window that could have produced the visual effect of the silhouette I was staring at; but there was nothing that could resemble the head of a cat. Very slowly, I reached over to the small bookshelf that was next to my bed, felt for and pulled out a large paperback and hurled it at the feline shape before me. Then, in a flash, I leapt out of bed and switched on the light.

The 'cat' revealed itself to be my dressing gown that I had thrown carelessly over a chair and that - with its folds and creases - had appeared in silhouette as an exact likeness of the head of large cat. Laughing to myself I went over and retrieved the book I had thrown without looking at it - my mind was consumed with one question. Might the whole incident have been Stuarts' sign or was it mere co-incidence? I looked down and noticed I was holding the book with my thumb between the front cover and the first page. It was a second-hand book that my sister had bought me on-line and, as I looked, something on that first page that I hadn't noticed before caught my eye. It was the stamp mark of the bookshop from which - at some time - the book had previously been procured......."Black Cat Books - Leicester".

I stood there for some time staring at the stamp mark. I wanted to believe that this WAS the sign; but I couldn't convince myself. So, with a wry smile, I said aloud "Stuart, if this is your sign then give me a further indication not connected with black cats".

I waited, staring at the stamp mark and looking around my room alternately. Minutes passed and nothing happened. After a while I gave up and, with a shrug, closed the book - as I did so my eyes fell on it's title......."Journey Into The Unknown : The Mystery Of The Out Of Body Experience".

It was so typical of Stuarts' sense of humour that I just KNEW, then, that he was still around.
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Re: The Black Cat

Postby GhostInTheMachine » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:24 pm

Wow Scaramouche, thanks for that.

Your experiences remind me so much of similar experiences I have had after the passing of someone close. Always subtle, especiallly from the viewpoint of someone other than myself, but very impinging indeed to me. Just a discrete, indirect communication that is subtle but reaches home to me like a rapier. Straight to me.
Yes, seem like coincidences but they communicate very personally.

I would have said, at first, the dressing gown black cat was like a form of pareidoila, but then the other factors all act to make it a communication from your friend, they are just too much part of the mix.

Thanks for telling us about this

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