Here you can discuss those fringe topics such as UFOs, Aliens & Abductions, otherworldly beings & entities, cryptozoology & Bigfoot. We'd like to hear evidence for and against, & what you believe.


Postby Chatelaine » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:02 pm

This is one subject that's always been in the sidelines for me. However, just of late I've run into a few researchers and articles which I have found very interesting. One of the researchers in particular critiques videos which supposedly capture Bigfoot sightings and it's most compelling.

If this subject interests you, look these chaps up. First one is great, the second one is a guy who seems very knowledgable about the subject and spends time in locations where Sasquatch hang out and the final one is David Paulides, a guy I can't stop listening to!

Thinker Thunker

Colorado Bigfoot

David Paulides talk on Bigfoot
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