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Re: Holiday

Postby Spirit Bear » Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:48 pm

Sorry that I've not yet done the North Wales travelogue, but once again I am without a computer.

One site we did get to see, but not enter, was Denbigh Asylum. We were returning from Denbigh Castle, and since we could see the Asylum from the castle, we decided to try and get a close-up look.

It is surprising that the facility was still standing, as it was supposed to be demolished in 2008 after the MHL there. But it is still there, though literally falling apart. The man who owns the grounds is in some sort of fight with the local council, and seems determined to let the place fall down on its own. However, when we pulled up in front of the asylum, he was there, and very kindly let us in, so we could get some close-up snaps of the main building. The place is closed off by a steel fence, and is patrolled by the local police, as there has been a rash of thefts involving the copper sheathing on the roof gutters, and much vandalism.

The place is still majestic and creepy despite all the decay. I would sign all the safety waivers in the world for a go at this place! :o
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