Forum Rules - Please read before posting

New members, please read the forum rules here before you start posting on the Everything Ghost forum. Thank you.

Forum Rules - Please read before posting

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This forum is for those members who are interested in all things Ghost and paranormal. It is a meeting place for anyone interested in these subjects to discuss, debate and make friends. We welcome "believers" and "sceptics" alike, and do not as a group profess to hold either view. This is not a business or a money making activity. We welcome good-hearted discussion about all things ghost, which is the purpose of this site and maintain a zero tolerance policy on any negativity expressed in the forums or any other anti social activities or behaviour which could be construed as bullying or harrassment of other members. We ask that all members respect the views of others, "believers" and "sceptics" alike. We also ask that subjects that are political or specifically religious in nature are avoided.

It also must be noted that any views expressed here on this forum are the views soley by the member concerned, and are not to be construed as any statement or opinion of Everything or its team as a whole.

The moderators are not paid and volunteer their time freely.
The role of the moderators is to ensure that the forum provides an enjoyable and informative experience for all. They also ensure that the Forum guidelines and rules are followed. The moderators have the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message. These actions and rules below are also necessary to maintain compliance with the regulations stipulated by who host this forum site, and to which the owner of this site must comply.

Main rules

• No attempts to aggressively push or force a spiritual belief on another (ie: beyond discussion and advice or debate) will be tolerated. This is a forum that tolerates all religious and spiritual beliefs, and does not favour any one particular theory or idea and we ask that members refrain from any attempts at conversion or dissemination of their religious ideals on others, and indeed we do not welcome religious or political debate within the forums.
• No links to websites of non related subjects without express permission from the Admin. Links that are incongruous with the nature of Everything Ghost will be deleted.
• Do not copy and paste material from this forum into other documents to forward to other people. All posts in
here are the copyright of the poster.

General Rules:

Registration and Membership:

• Membership is by registration and activation of this by the forum administrators.
• New members will become Registered Members and will be asked to make an introductory (or other) post within 7 days of joining the forum. At this point there will be access to some of the folders, but not all. When the post has been made, they will become All Access Members and can view the whole of the forum.
• Everything Ghost Forum is a member forum, not a website. On joining you become a member and as such need to participate. Members who have not participated for three consecutive months will have their membership revoked. It is often the small helpful comments, opinions and shared experiences or stories on the paranormal that make all the difference to the general enjoyment of the forum by all members and makes the forum community. Be willing to share.
• Usernames: Members should have no more than one username. Members must not give others access to the forum by passing on their username and password. Anyone found to be in breach of this will have their membership terminated. Members who violate the one user name only rule & who create multiple user accounts in order to get around restricted permissions, or to deceive the mods, Admins or other members of the forum will have their membership(s) terminated.

Forum Language:

• The official language to be used in all postings on this forum is English.


• Arguments & Verbal Abuse - there is a fine line between discussion and argument which is at times hard to define. In general a discussion becomes an argument when the postings become personal and if this starts to become obvious then
the Moderators will take necessary action which may include removal or locking of posts. Respect the points of
view of other members and do not enter into any kind of personal verbal abuse. You must respect staff and fellow members. Refrain from inflammatory comments. Abuse towards our moderators and staff are not allowed. Freedom of speech rights do not extend to privately owned businesses and websites such as this one.
• Trolling - A troll is a person who posts inflammatory messages, to disrupt the discussion or to upset its
participants. The word, or its derivative, "trolling", is also used to describe such messages or the act of posting
them. This behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Use of inappropriate language – The use of swear words, or disguised swear words will not be tolerated.

Forum etiquette:

• Cross Posting - we do not allow 'cross posting' where a user posts the same text in more than one forum. This
wastes resources as forum users have to read posts twice. It also causes confusion to the original poster as they
may well find that replies are disjointed over 2 or more threads.
• Posts/threads in a totally wrong place - please try and check that the topic you are starting is in the correct
section of the forums. Moderators will move posts that are obviously in the wrong section.
• Off Topic Posts (OT) - it is inevitable that threads in forums can veer off course from the original topic.
Rather than drag a thread off topic, you should start a new thread in the appropriate forum and post a link in the
original thread. Please note that reasonable deviations from a topic's starting point are allowed, if discussions on
the topic's original subject have finished.
• User removal of a moderators note - if a moderator leaves a note in a post, this must not be removed. They
are left so the forum community knows what has happened to the post, and why the moderator has carried out
any action. Hence, we treat this unofficial removal very seriously.
• Posting of Personal Details - without the express permission of the user these are not to be posted on the
forums. This includes the content of pm's (personal forum messages) or emails received from moderators or staff.
• All CAPS titles/posts - these can be annoying not only because in general "netiquette" they represent
shouting, but the letters are also harder for the human brain to distinguish, thus making them difficult to read.
Therefore, posting in all caps is not permitted.
• Bumping of posts - "Bumping" is the act of adding to a thread just to get your topic back to the top of the list in
a forum and should not be done. Users who keep bumping their topics face action that may include the locking of
the topic and / or removal of forum access.
• Use of Quotes - using quotes incorrectly can be annoying and make threads very hard to read. The following rules
apply to the use of quotes:
Only quote the full content of a post if :-
a) it is NOT the post immediately before your reply
b) You find that your reply has been forced onto a new page (then edit in the full quote if it's needed.)
In all cases you should think before quoting and wherever possible only use a part of the post you are replying to in order to make it clear which bit of a post your reply refers to.
The Moderators will remove unnecessary full quotes where they are posted immediately after the post being replied to.
• Banned members - if a poster is banned from posting or accessing the forums that ban includes using another
members account or log on details to access the forums or asking another member to post on their behalf. This
action could have consequences for the other forum member.
• Posting inappropriate material - remember that these forums can be viewed by all ages and not just adults.
Inappropriate postings will be removed and if repeated, action taken against the poster. Anything which, for example only, could be construed as sexually explicit or inappropriate, sexually discriminating, relious discrimination, incitation to hatred or violence, ageist or offensive to the disabled or any other antisocial or illegal post will be deleted and if serious may be reported to the authorities. The following subjects or posts with this content are key examples of those not allowed on this forum and will be deleted:
-Adult Content / Obscene Content
-Illegal Drugs
-Piracy, Hacking, Viruses
-Promotion of or distribution of copyrighted materials which includes but is not limited to, the following:
-links to download pirated movies, software, games etc from megaupload, rapidshare, and other such hosts/FTP/private servers
-Malicious software
-Non sponsored ads
-Content which appears to promote or incite any criminal activity

We have the right to remove offensive posts and to cancel membership.

• Avatars and Signatures

The forum moderators reserve the right to ask any member to change their Avatar
and/or Signature, should they feel that it is inappropriate, or does not comply with the following guidelines:
Avatar size should be limited to 100 x 100 pixels and a maximum file size of 8000 bytes.
Signatures should use no more space than 4 lines of standard sized text would, this includes any blank lines and
images you choose to use. Image based signatures should be limited to 80 x 560 pixels and a maximum file size of
Please be considerate in the use of animated gif and flash images within posts - some users find these uncomfortable to view and this can spoil their experience of the forum. Gif avatars are permitted, but members may be asked to change them by a moderator if other members object or they cause discomfort.
• Choice of forum Display name
The forum moderators reserve the right to ask any member to change their display name, should they feel that it
is inappropriate, disrespectful or an attempt impersonate another user.

A moderator's decision is final.
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