AAAAAARGH - not another Blair Witch film ......

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AAAAAARGH - not another Blair Witch film ......

Postby Thebogeyman » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:16 pm

........... which is the perspective of the residents of Burkittsville , Maryland which had an invasion of folk who believed that the events within the Blair Witch Project were real events , that the 3 students did actually vanish in 1994 ( despite the 3 actors appearing at conventions some 10 years after the films release and in various projects since ).

At one point the Frederick County Police Department had a web site to confirm that there is no Blair Sheriff Department , there was no hunt over several days for the students in 1994 involving 1000s of man hours ( it was actually hilarious reading )

They were bracing for more with the release of another film from the franchise in 2016 and hopefully things are more peaceful for the residents .... but reading articles such as this I can imagine how the residents of ( say ) 113 Ocean Avenue had to put up with and the same for Dakota Flats in New York where Rosemarys Baby was filmed.

For the records , I went to see the original Blair Witch Project on Halloween in 1999 and was not impressed but the film comes into its own where the legend spawned from .... your laptop .... watching this film in the dark with your headphones on and this film comes into its own. The Sci Fi channel film " The Legend Of The Blair Witch " which was broadcast prior to the films release is well worth a watch also ( it is on youtube if you wish to have a nosey ) ... e-maryland
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Re: AAAAAARGH - not another Blair Witch film ......

Postby Spirit Bear » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:53 am

Just shows the movie and TV biz is running out of creative ideas. Instead they just trot out tired old retreads like Blair Witch, and a new Planet of the Apes movie. Only thing left that isn't a hackneyed cliché is the Star Wars brand, IMNSHO! :smile:
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Re: AAAAAARGH - not another Blair Witch film ......

Postby Fenner76 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:31 pm

I'm not normally a fan of remakes, and agree that there seems to be a culture of recycling old material lately to appeal to the masses, but not everyone bothers with them. The sad thing is, the film & TV people are capable of making original productions, but it seems some of them prefer to choose the easy way out and try to rehash content that we've all seen before. It's the old money-for-old-rope situation.
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Re: AAAAAARGH - not another Blair Witch film ......

Postby Chatelaine » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:37 am

I'm still confused, can someone help? I was watching TV one night which I don't do very often and I saw a documentary about a group of students who go off to the wilderness/woods in search of something paranormal. Basically, it was a Blair Witch style storyline but it wasn't the same film. In my opinion the one I saw was really good, I came in half way through the film and thought it was real for a short time. Does this ring any bells with people? I remember the pictures of the dead students at the end, which was harrowing, it looked so real, but I thought, if this was real, surely it wouldn't be shown on TV, so assumed it had to be a film and not real.

Anyway, for those who like this kind of story, there is a story out there that's the real deal and very much more terrifying! Search for the Dylatov incident :shock:
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Re: AAAAAARGH - not another Blair Witch film ......

Postby Pequisto » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:01 pm

I was a high school senior in spring '99 and vividly remember the Blair Witch madness which seemed to roll through popular culture leading up to the release of the film in the summer. I don't think I even saw the film until several years later and wasn't impressed.

One thing that I found amusing was the fact that my uncle who is an electrical engineer and works frequently with power grid schematics and the necessary logistical matters, was actually on some Canada-US brain swapping trip to Frederick Co., Maryland. He was there for eight weeks and spent a lot of time with other engineers from the local utility examining power substations and the like. In the month after the film's release, he told the family about so many teenagers and young adults who were backpacking in the woods around Burkittsville looking for the Blair Witch. :roll:

Anyway, it was one of the first found-footage films and can be credited for giving birth to that whole genre. I think Cloverfield might be the only title in that genre I actually liked. :ugeek:
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