Paranormal Programmes?

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Paranormal Programmes?

Postby kayteebex » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:11 pm

I am currently at university studying creative and professional writing, and for one of my assignments I need to write a magazine article. I thought no better topic than the paranormal, right? :-D

So I was just wondering what makes programmes and the topic so popular and why we watch said programmes so religiously week in, week out and what makes them so interesting to us.

If anyone wants to share their views and what not, then I'd love it, but if not - everyone is entitled to their opinions and what they do with them :-D

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Re: Paranormal Programmes?

Postby Scaramouche » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:06 am

Of the various paranormal progammes that have ghosts and hauntings as their main subject I think that the precise reasons that they prove poplular depends on whether the ghosts/hauntings are presented as real experiences or fictional creations.

Generally speaking, humans have always had a fascination with death - the great unkown - and what (if anything) lies beyond. So anything relating to death is going to produce some kind of reaction.

With real experiences/sightings those that are curious about life after death will want to learn all they can about what has been reported as, for them, it all goes to provide evidence to help verify (or not as the case may be) whether life after death exists.

When the ghosts/hauntings are fictional creations, those viewers who are avid fans seek to discover what the creator of the fictional works' interpretation of life after death is and how it is brought to the screen - as well as wanting to enjoy a good story.

In both cases, it is simple curiosity that makes viewers watch the same paranormal programmes repeatedly; but the underlying reasons for that curiosity are different.
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