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Ghost Equipment @ Reduction

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:40 pm
by GII-Team
To kick start 2016 of in true paranormal fashion we have some great news to share with everyone and hope everyone also shares so the word gets out!!

We have created-opened an online paranormal investigation/ghost hunting digital store as a solution to all over priced equipment - not only cheap but free delivery to anyone in the uk - international shipping is not a problem but there will be charge depending on location.

GII GE@R : Ghost Equipment @ Reduction.

We are the cheapest paranormal supplier worldwide our aim is very simple to sell all paranormal investigation equipment but for a reasonable price no more paying through the roof for equipment all of the equipment we sell is miles cheaper than any other paranormal supplier.

We sell meters , torches , infrared cameras , full spectrum cameras , illuminators , digital recorders and more!!!!!

we will also be selling "1 off" equipment which is second hand equipment we have refurbished for sale but only have 1 in stock so get it while it is there.

we actually was not going to release the store until next year when a majority of the stock is delivered but we have decided to get the name going and let everyone pre-order the equipment they want so when the stock does come in it will be sent straight out without delays.

It is on a first come basis as the stock is limited and have a lot of teams interested in what we will be selling for the price were selling it for so if you pre-order the equipment will be yours but if you wait - you might have a delay until new stock is delivered.

we have been investigating for the paranormal for years now and its come to the point of not wanting to pay over the roof for equipment anymore and want to share it with every one!!

we will also be manufacturing our own paranormal equipment within the next year - so keep an eye out - big equipment 1 of a kind.

our store website is :

you can also access our store through our website....enjoy and thanks.


Re: Ghost Equipment @ Reduction

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:48 pm
by GhostInTheMachine
Good one GII!1 Those prices look pretty good! :)