The Future of Paranormal Investigation

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The Future of Paranormal Investigation

Postby kaos7 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:37 pm

Like many of you on this forum, I have been into the paranormal and ghosts for many years. I started researching haunting phenomena during the mid 90s. In those days, ghosts and other related things of that genre were certainly not as popular as they are now and paranormal groups were rather scarce. Fast forward into the 2000s and the study of ghosts has skyrocketed due to TV shows like Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Haunted Homes, the list goes on. As we all are fully aware, paranormal groups are in almost every town and most venues that has some sort of haunting has jumped on the bandwagon and is pretty much booked up each weekend with vigils or paranormal tours.
This current interest can certainly be heralded in both positive and negative aspects but it does start to question on where paranormal investigation goes next. As many of us are aware, a lot of these venues are now asking extortionate prices and many of us cannot simply afford to investigate these places as well as the fact that do we all really want to follow the norm of other groups.
The big question is, what is next? Where does the serious investigator or group now go?
Are we getting to a point of going almost underground and away from commercial venues in order to conduct serious investigation?
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Re: The Future of Paranormal Investigation

Postby Spirit Bear » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:47 pm

I agree with you, Kaos, that most commercial venues that allow PNI's are way beyond the price range of the average amateur group. Add in the fact that many of the best known locales, like Alcatraz, Eastern States Penitentiary, and many sites in the UK have been ruined by too many vigils, and the market does shrink in a big hurry.

Still there are a lot of sites out there that are in our price range and available for bookings. Most Landmark Trust properties are PN active, and they are also great for just getting away and relaxing. We still have a few sites that will never fail to deliver, like the Edinburgh Vaults, Chillingham Castle, et al. So don't give up hope-the ghosts are out there just waiting for us! :o :shock:
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Re: The Future of Paranormal Investigation

Postby ThatZealousOne » Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:07 pm

I think the answer is obvious. You start killing people in the hope they will haunt you and there you go, a brand new haunting for you to investigate. :P

Seriously though, I don't think it will 'stop' as it were until the questions that investigators pose are answered. Are there ghosts? What are they? Why are they here and all that. I suppose until you solve that you just need to keep revisiting these locations. *shrug*
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Re: The Future of Paranormal Investigation

Postby Scaramouche » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:29 pm

For every well known haunted location there are a dozen or so not so well known ones, and for every one not so well known there are hundreds more waiting to be discovered. So it is never going to be a case of running out of places to investigate. What is likely, though, is that more and more lesser known establishments will jump on the high-price band-wagon as time progresses and, likewise, the number of investigative groups will continue to increase to take more and more advantage of the same as time goes by - however much they are charged.

In saying that, by far the biggest impact on the increase in PN groups and their investigations is technology. The range of equipment available to PN groups today is vast in comparison to what was available 20, 10 or even 5 years ago, with costs ranging from the modest to the mortgage-inducing. Not only that; but the sheer pace that such equipment is being developed, with (I have to say) the minimum of scientific testing, it is on the verge of taking PNIs out of the 'extraordinary' and into the realms of science-fiction simply because it is taking much too much time in 'validating' the results from such equipment to a, generally, acceptable standard. This move towards 'hi-tech' PNIs is, I believe, the reason for the increase in PN groups - not a surge in the interest of the paranormal/ghosts per se.
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Re: The Future of Paranormal Investigation

Postby Chatelaine » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:59 am

Great points raised there Dave!

For serious investigators such as myself, the most amazing and fruitful experiences I've ever had, have been in little known locations which have turned up the most unexpected of things. I have had the privelege to enjoy these times working alongside my paranormal partner in crime GiTM. Because of our beliefs, our way of working have always incorporated these three things: respect for the location and more importantly for any spirits present, a genuine interest in communicating and a calm approach.

I must own to have gone through the stage that nearly all groups do, namely, all having matching hoodies with our group name on and wanting to do locations that Most Haunted had been to! :lol: Doing this in my early 30's, well, it was like a second childhood and back in those days, it was partially fun and playing at emulating MH, come on, we all have to admit it! We never were one of those groups that play about though and run around screaming. Ours has always been the quiet way.

So, I see the future of investigations as maybe a bit more grown up, as we have all grown up. Now having more respect and understanding for what we are actually doing. I think watching the film 'The Others' really brought that home to me, funnily enough. Yes, it's a thrill when your EMF meter starts to flash, or you get a knock in response to a question, but maybe we have all matured now and realise, that it just could be, someone without a body is trying to reply to you and needs your help. Accepting that, is it ethical for a group to charge loads of money to thrill seekers who want a performing ghostie to tap and rap just for fun? I don't think so!

Next time someone tells you there group is 'professional' and conducts large group vigils at well known sites, just mull over their ethics....they are just doing it for money and fun. That way of investigating is surely going to pass into being old hat sometime soon and has to be scorned by those of us who take our subject seriously.
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