Miss Molly's, Fort Worth, Texas

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Miss Molly's, Fort Worth, Texas

Postby Spirit Bear » Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:48 pm

From September 1st to the 6th, I was in Fort Worth, Texas, staying at one of the most haunted locales in Texas, a B&B named Miss Molly's. It is located on Exchange Street in the Stockyards district, which was once the most lawless and dangerous street in town.

Built about 1910, the building started out as a hotel, but as conditions got worse in the district, and respectable people moved out, it was taken over by bootleggers, and then spent nearly 40 years as a brothel. It was later bought and converted into the charming hotel that it is now.

There are only 8 rooms, all spaced around a circular parlor. All the rooms are fixed up to resemble Wild West days, with all sorts of charming knick-knacks and period pieces in abundance.

My first afternoon and night there I was the only guest, except for a couple from Belgium. All the unused rooms were unlocked, and I spend some time exploring them. That night I did 2 vigils. The first was in my room, called the Cattleman's Room. It was hard going as my room was right above a cellar honky-tonk, which kept its jukebox on and blasting until 3 AM in the morning. I've never done a solo vigil accompanied by the voice of Johnny Cash, and other country music legends! But I did get some activity, the most exciting being an EVP where I was told to get out! :shock: Sadly, my cassette tape with the recording was destroyed when I was reviewing the tape the next morning. This was just the start of numerous mechanical snafus, not only of my own equipment, but the 2 cell phones of my lovely innkeeper, Deborah, which played hob with her every time she tried to send a message, no matter what she typed, the recipient got a short message containing the word "ghost"! :?

My 2nd vigil that first evening was in Room # 8, known as the Cowboy Room. The atmosphere in this room was heavy and oppressive. The resident spirit in this room was a cowboy who was named Jake, for lack of a better name. Deborah saw Jake a few times, in full cowboy regalia, enter that room from the parlor, tho she was never able to see his face. It is believed that Jake killed one of the prostitutes over poor service. Jake was trapped in that room by his own guilt. After a 15 minute session I was able to convince Jake to go over to the Other Side, which he did. The room became light and comfortable after he left.

The next 2 nights saw all the rooms taken, so that put the kibosh on any investigating on the premises, tho I did talk to several of the other guests who were very interested in my efforts. Those days I spent outdoors under the fierce Texas sun. Deborah had told me of several other locales in the area that had reported PN activity, and I visited many of them, tho reports of activity were sketchy. The most active place was the Star Café, right downstairs from Ms. Molly's. Staff there reported seeing a cowboy come in and go straight downstairs, which was not public space. Often the staff would follow him, but nobody was ever found. I believe that there might have been a passage or doorway connecting the cafe and Miss Molly's at one point.

After most of the weekend guests had left, I resumed my work in the hotel, but there was little found. The most pathetic spirit still there is a little girl given the name of Emma, who died when she fell, or was thrown, down the stairs that lead from the street entrance. Emma is afraid of men, and will not talk or interact with one, so if she is to be sent on, it must be a woman who does it.

On the 5th I was taken by another innkeeper named Paula, to two hotels also owned by the couple who own Molly's. One is the Cadillac Hotel, and the other is the Stone House. In the former nothing was found, but in one room in the Stone House, called the Lone Star Room, there have numerous reports of people staying in there being disturbed by noises and other activity. For my last day in Fort Worth, the 6th, I was allowed to move out of Miss Molly's, and spend the night in the Lone Star Room. This turned out to be a limp lettuce, as I encountered no activity of any kind, nor was my sleep disturbed all night. I might add that there is a huge attic in the Stone House, and it was not nice up there, the atmosphere being heavy and ominous. A full PNI is needed in that hotel, IMO.

So, there it is. I enjoyed Texas culture and hospitality, filled my stomach with several prime Texas Steaks, and enjoyed soaking in the history of this frontier town. My thanks to Deborah for her warm welcome, courtesy, and making me feel at home. This is a place I most surely be going back to in the future!
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Re: Miss Molly's, Fort Worth, Texas

Postby Chatelaine » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:25 am

I loved reading that Spirit Bear, how lovely to spend some time in Texas. Miss Molly's must be at the top of every American PNI's to do list, so well done for ticking that one off. So, where to next on your paranormal adventures?
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