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Postby Roger » Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:31 pm

A little bit about myself first
Unnatural things have always been a part of my life
Seeing people that aren't actually there ,having my tools go missing as soon as I put them down and experiencing strange occurrences
Yes I know seeing dead people may be a strange occurrence to many people
But to me it's always been normal the same as seeing a living person
It doesn't happen all the time but it has been like a steady influence throughout my life
And has created a laid back attitude within me when it comes to all things spooky
So il begin

The chair.

The first part of this story is rather vague as my dad mentioned his mate John from woodwork class has passed away
My dad had attended woodwork class for a number of years and had got to know most of the people there quite well
John the guy that had just died was quite well known to my dad ,he used to pick him up on class nights and give him a lift as john didn't drive anymore,too old
On johns death his family had told my dad that it would be nice if he chose a peice of Johns furniture that he had restored
My dad being a chair guy(always restoring chairs)
Chose an antique chair he had always admired
Little did he know what else he was about to bring home...............

If he'd had the slightest inkling he would never have touched it
The chair was brought home and given pride of place half way up the stairs on the landing
You had to walk past it to get to the bedrooms
At first I didn't even notice the latest acquisition to the Walby household
Apart from a slight darkness of the area the chair sat in which I attributed to the fact there wasn't any windows onto the staircase
The chair had been there for a while and no one gave it a second thought
A couple of weeks have gone by
I've just collapsed into bed
I was roofing then,running tiles up and down a ladder
In the summer we would often set up some lights and work well into the evening
Anyway I'm out for the count,getting some sleep,gotta get up early and do it all over again
Around two in the morning I slowly realise the knocking sound is not just me dreaming
And that gave me a bit of a start,who what was it what's going on
Roger are you awake
I can hear my mum outside my door
I am now,she opens the door
Have you been walking about
You wasn't sleep walking
It's not something I've ever done
What's the matter I say
I think someone's in the house
Ooh ok i spose I've got to go and have a look
So I get up and search the house,carefully opening doors to see what's behind them !!
I go back upstairs
My mums standing at the top of the stairs
Anything she says
Nope,no one there
What happened I ask
Oh she says she thought someone was in the room standing over her
I should add here that my mum has always picked up vibrations
Her mum was able to pick up on things unexplained and I think she inherited
The same gift
Although that's not a word my mum would associate with it
More like a curse to her
She doesn't like talking about this sort of stuff ,it frightens her I think
So 25 years later when she tells me a bit about this story ,I wasn't really suprised
Anyway back to bed,she's dreaming methinks and I don't think about it anymore
But this Carrys on for a few days always around the same time about 2am
It starts
One night my mum tells me that a small crucifix on a silver chain that she wears at night was twisted over and over to the extent of it choking the life out of her
And the same dark figure in the room
(The hairs on the back of my neck just went up thinking about it)
Over the next few days I start to realise I'm not sleeping to well
I'm asleep,eyes shut,but I'm awake I can't open my eyes I can't move anything
Am I dead,sheer panick screams through my mind and body willing myself to move,but no,after what seems ages,probably only seconds
It starts to ease, I gain movement back ,was I just dreaming
Yeah it's ok I must have had a bad dream,unusual for me as I don't remember if or when I have a dream,haven't done for years,apart from the odd one here and there
Back to sleep ,got to get up early
But this carries on alternating between me and my my
My mum is now at the point where she can dismiss the thought that I'm some sort of schitzo axe murderer and although she didn't say till later ,I believe she was starting to connect the happenings to the chair
I am now at the point of opening a sly eye just before I doze of at night ,just to check no ones there,sometimes I think the darkness of the room is a slightly different shade in one corner,no I'm imagining it,am I ,screwing my eyes hard trying to make out something or nothing I think there's something greyish in the corner
But no I must be imagining it
So back to sleep
Now there's not many people you can talk to about this sort of stuff without them laughing at you
Call the ghostbusters my mate cliff would say laughing
My old mucker Stevie babe was a bit different,he had experienced things says he was chased by something up the golf course one night,there was a story about a troll type thing and also the old white lady story
Yes we've all heard that one,and more of that another day
Any way Stevie would often have books from the library about the supernatural
I remember one book he had explained all about how to put a curse on someone
So we put a curse on our mate gonk
The curse was to make make him smash/crash any car he owned
And quite surprisingly over the next few years he did just that.....coincidence or not!
I think in the end we got another book out about removing curses
He was ok after that
I don't think he has had a crash in twenty five years

So after talking to Stevie about what had been going on ,he suggest going down the library and seeing if there's any books with similar stories
We are pre internet at this moment in time
I sat reading through different books until one book caught my attention
It had descriptions of demonic attacks and drawings and pictures of different kinds of demons
Let's not forget I don't believe in ghosts,I just see dead people stuck in time
So reading through this book,I sort of identify what looks like the thing that's been attacking me and my mum for the last three months
As I read It becomes clear to me that demons feed on weakness and to overcome them you just need to be strong in mind and spirit
And from the dark greyish thing I think I've seen I believe it to resemble a demon
I had read somewhere that to just say the name of Jesus Christ is enough
I tried that one night but it just laughed in a slow deep breathy voice and carried on strangling me
So anyway I'm now armed with the knowledge gleaned from the library and happily hand over my library card ,get it stamped and make my way home carrying the book,which on reflection I might call the book of life
That evening I'm down the pub taking my medicine,three pints of lager and a packet of crisps please
And I bring up the subject of this thing I believe is a demon,I think from here on in il just call it old red eyes
So I'm talking to my mate Cliffo,telling him what had been going on
Oi cliff did I tell you about old red eyes
No he said
Oh it's this demon that attacks me and my mum every night
Oh yeah says cliff,you need the ghostbusters in then hahahahahaha
Me,god it's impossible talking about this stuff unless the other person has experienced the supernatural in some way
So I leave the conversation and and start talking about the free kick by beck ham that saved England or was Michael Owen in st Etien,can't remember
Football anyway....

I eventually get home make my way up past the chair and I can now feel a difference in temperature as I walk past it
I chuck myself in bed and am soon singing the z song
About one o'clock it starts,I'm between sleep and wake
Can't move I'm paralysed as usual,the only thing I can move is my eyes,can't scream can't do a thing
The thing is on top of me,I can feel the wheight of it on my chest,it's hands around my neck,very weak but slowly putting pressure on slowly tightening its grip
And the sound of slow rhythmic breathing
The best way to describe the breathing is it was exactly the same as dart vader
But this time it's different panic sweeps in to my mind,but I push it away again
I've been waiting this,this time I'm gonna try out a little bit of advice I read from the book of life
Not being able to speak I have to say in my mind
f*** of you useless bastard every night you try the same thing,you come in and try and kill me but your so fucking weak all you do is wake me up
So let's get things straight
f*** of and don't bother me again ,I have to get up at six in the morning and your stupid nightime visits are pissing me of so sod off or il call the ghost busters
(Thanks for the advice cliff)
And get your ass exercised or is that exorcised
Anyway and to my surprise the pararalys immediately vanishes crushing hands gone
Dearth vader silent
The room however still chillingly ice cold
I return back to my slumber dozing fitfully,after about an hour I raise a sneaky eyelid and slowly scan the far end of my bedroom,I slowly make out the grey floating form hovering in the corner down the side of my wardrobe the longer I look the more I can make out about five foot high although it's floating about a foot of the floor
In the sort of form of a human figure
A greyish hooded robe about it and a sort of evervescent radiant flow around its perimeter
The only thing that stuck out was the two needle sharp almost non existent glowing red eyes,not bright but a bit like a glowing ember that's made it through the night just before it extinguishes
Actually that's not the worst bit,that was when I challenged it to see har far it could go
It was still alternating between me and my mum,but now I just told it not to even think about coming near me
And do you would sulk in the corner,or on top of my wardrobes
I felt I have control of it now
My mum didn't really talk about what was going on much,so I suppose she had dealt with it in her own way
Reading further into the book I got from the library,it told how most things spooky only have as much power over you as you let them
And this certainly seemed to be the case
It was about this time that I decided to see just how far this thing could go
So the next time I felt a presence I didnt say anything
I allowed it to carry on with its mission,trying to kill me
Same old story just drifted of to sleep and then slowly coming to some sort of sleep wake paralisys,no panick ignore it you carry on then methinks
Feel the hands,hear the slow rhythmic breathing,feel the wheight
Bang...I'm travelling,in a tunnel,dark sides,bright light up front
I'm at a wall
Like a big white frosted silky wall
Shadows on the other side
Saying something
You've got to go back,it's not your time,go back where you came from
You have to go back now
Seemingly I'm using every bit of mental strength I can muster
I'm like heading along a dark sticky tunnel
A couple of times i find it really hard to make headway
At one point I nearly give up
Knowing that if I do that ,I'm dead
And the things won
I give one last effort silently screaming and clawing my way back
I'm there
I'm awake
I'm back
Scared shi..ess this time
Know one will believe this
I take a slow sneaky look around the room
Everything's as it was ,but I do have to check that I am alive
The thing has left the room
But I still tell it not to come back
And I think that's the last I ever here or feel it
I can only guess what my mum went through with it as she really doesn't like talking about it
Now and then she will just start talking about a bit of the story
A while later my mum and dad are talking about the chair and tell me they believe the chair is the cause of all the problems
And they believe by bringing the chair into the house ,it brought whatever was attached to it
My dad was a HIV driver for the mod
He used to drive artic Lorrys around different airbases
It's one of the reasons he rarely experienced anything
As most times he was only home weekends
That night the chair had found its way into the back of one of the ministry of defences lorrys
It arrived at brize norton that night where my dad pulled up next to one of the various skips on the base
He opened the back doors and pulled out the chair,knowing the trouble it had caused,you'd think he'd smash it up and chuck it in
But being a bit of a restorer and a chair guy
He sat it carefully in the skip
As he did this one of his work colleagues pulls up and jumps out of his lorry
Allo Bert how ya doin
Ooh that's a nice chair
Yes I just chucked it in there
What's wrong with it
You don't want to know said my dad
You can't throw that away it's a nice chair,it's in nice nick
My dad then gave his mate a brief explanation of recent events
His mate just laughed and dragged the chair out of the skip
Don't say I didn't warn you said my dad
And they both went their different ways .......
That was the most of the conversation as told to me by my dad.
Twenty five years later I asked to put a short story of the chair in the skip ,in the brize norton magazine
But nothing happened
Also it took about twenty seven years before my mum told me about the exorcism
WHAT..I said
You had an exorscism
Well I'm not sure what it was she said
But after what happened I asked some people to help clean the house
My mums mum had been a bit of a medium type ,so she had grown up knowing stuff about different happenings
What happened I asked
Oh not much she said,there was a bit of shaking and a bit of noise and that was it
What was shaking I asked was you all sitting around a table and that started shaking
No she said
It seemed like the house started shaking and there was a sort of scraping all around us
But then everything went quite and that was the end of that
No more problems
Well apart from the morse code ,when we first moved into the house,the morse code used to send me to sleep every night
I used to think it was normal as we were only a mile from the river thames..??!
I was only about twelve when we moved in
My older sister mentioned the morse code as well
About thirty years later
The house was in a terrace of about six
They were built about 1979 and sat in a road of Victorian property's
The original houses were destroyed by a message from Adolfo during the blitz on london
Quite eerily as well was the garden
Whenever you might dig down a little bit you would dig up broken toys or plates and cups,every where
There was also the helper,whenever my dad got a screwdriver or a spanner out
If he was fiddling about with something
As soon as he put it down and look away
It would disappear

This is the second time I've talked about this experience, the first time I joined a supernatural forum to discuss it,and shared a bit of it ,I was told it wasn't this it wasn't that and that some people have over active imaginations and that maybe I was adding things that didn't happen,after so long from when it happened
They didn't get the fact that I was just sharing my experience,and that's all I'm doing here
I've never told the whole story online anywhere
And I know some of it probably sounds unbelievable ,but if it does that's your problem not mine
That's what happened,that's how it happened
Thinking about it now I'm surprised it didn't affect me in some way
Or maybe it did,as I don't feel a loss when someone I know dies,more of a see you a bit later feeling
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Postby Chatelaine » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:05 am

Absolutely brilliant story Roger, that had me gripped until the end and I loved the way you ended it. I'm not one for reading long stories, but I couldn't stop once I started! Thanks so much for taking the time to write it here on this forum.

That's a shame about the other forum you were on. GiTM works very hard to keep everything on an even keel here on this forum and now after a few years of being up and running I think she has set a tone, a friendly one at that, so members feel that they can share stories like this and not be attacked by other people who think they know best! People like that are so tedious!

Cheers Roger :-bd
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Postby GhostInTheMachine » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:46 am

I agree Chatelaine. Fantastic story, one of the best.

This had me hooked to the end too, totally gripping, and very real to me too. And, hey I for one believe it, as I said before I've had things like this happen to me and I know of many other similar experiences like this too, from very credible people. It's all down to what people can accept as real, and also what they are able to confront... and how open they are to spiritual things in general. Materialistic people won't be. As we said before elsewhere, it's OK not to believe if things haven't happened to you, or to be skeptical, but I don't like outright debunking or invalidating - especially when someone is unloading a personal experience that is difficult for them to tell.

This story also reminds me of the Father Ignatious story, which is a famous true ghost story from Norfolk, I told it on Ghostpod no 2, listed on the Ghostpod website as "the ghost who saved a life".

Roger, would you permit me to read this story of yours out on Ghostpod? If it's too personal no problem, but I think it's a corker.
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Postby Roger » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:55 pm

I've probably forgot some bits
I was a bit worried I was rushing this story,as I had to almost force myself to sit down and write it
I did leave my mum out of it a bit
She was hassled by the thing as much as I was
I might have a chat with her the next time I have a visit,see if I can get anymore info
I would love to find out what happened with the chair after my dad got rid of it
It was also a bit out of character for my dad to just chuck the chair in the back of his lorry and dump it in an mod skip
He,s always been a worrier,and the thought of security finding the chair in his lorry would usually of stopped him
This was still in the days of extreme security around any forces bases
Although I'm not sure if it's any different today
Here's a little window on how much my dad worrys
He had a short spell of going down a local spiritualist church ,bored with the telly I think
And a couple of times I went with him
One night the person on stage had an unusual message
I have a message from the hedgehogs
Everyone was looking at each other,wondering what on earth this could mean
A message for the lorry driver ,said the speaker
My dad put his hand up
I'm thinking what's going on ,has my dad been helping hedgehogs over the border or what
But it turned out that every year when the baby hedgehogs were about ,whenever my dad saw one trying to cross a road at night,he would stop his 40ft articulated lorry,get out walk over to the hedgehog/s
And carry them to the side of the road
And that was the message
The hedgehogs say thank you
It's a heart warmer,sitting here thinking about it,that's exactly what my dad would do
Strange but true

You can look up where bombs were dropped during ww2 to see the one that dropped in nithdale road in south london
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Postby GhostInTheMachine » Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:29 pm

Awww, that is really cute, what a great message for him. Not the sort of message a spiritualist would want to give if they were just cold reading and chancing it either, as most lorry drivers would crush a hedgehog every now and again and think nothing of it... more likely they would say something like that.

I have to admit that's what I do if I see them, I stop my car and get out to lift them out of harm's way. So, I think your dad sounds a great chap!

Roger, what do you think of me reading it out, would you mind? I can put it on the next Ghostpod. It doesn't have to identify you other than "story from Roger, from Plymouth" or something like that.

Hope you say yes, it's a great story! I would have to edit it a little (take out the f****s and maybe replace them with something a bit milder, just for the radio as we want to keep sweet with all our listensers ;-) )
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Postby Spirit Bear » Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:39 pm

A chair that is either cursed/and or possessed? Fascinating story, Roger! I seem to recall we once encountered something similar during an investigation at the Busby Stoop Inn, up in the North Country.
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Postby GhostInTheMachine » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:04 pm

Yep, a sort of haunted chair. I think that was the whole building haunted though, and the chair was in it (in the Busby Stoop) but it had been involved in a nasty incident where a visiting Canadian soldier had died (they were billeted at the nearby airbase, and used to visit the pub).
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Postby Roger » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:15 pm

I've searched around in the past,and found one story of a chair
The legend being that if anyone sat in it they would die
And there's various stories about haunted items
Furniture ,toys,ect
I would really love to find out what happened to my chair though
Il have to speak to my dad
See if he can remember the guys name
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Postby GhostInTheMachine » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:24 pm

Yeah, I remember something like that about a chair you shouldn't sit on or terrible bad luck would happen - some castle or big old house or something.

Your dad's chair: would be great if you found out who had it next and if they had any experiences too. May be like the Dibbuk Box (story on Paranormal Witness) where whoever has it winds up with a haunted house and horrible entity wandering around.
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Postby martin1985 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:46 am

Very interesting read this is! hopefully you find out what happened to the chair! its like waiting on a sequel ;-)

As for the other chair, i am sure it was in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries
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