The Everything Ghost investigation team members have now conducted many investigations in different locations around the UK, from Brighton to Northumberland and Cardiff, Wales.  We are not a business and do not charge a profit to take part in investigations we organise ourselves, and undertake these purely as a group of friends who share the costs of a venue between us.  We have also joined in investigations with some other groups & friends who do charge. We do not investigate because we are trying to prove to anyone that ghosts exist, or to "seek the truth" but because we just love doing it, and out of curiosity and to see if we can find if a location is indeed haunted.  

Although we do sometimes join with other groups of friends who organise open vigils, our own investigations are not open to the general public but by invitation only, simply to ensure people of good character attend the vigils, and because we have found getting to know members of the team ensures a successful investigation event, which depends on trust & good teamwork.  However, join our forum and get to know us well and you may well be invited!  We welcome like-minded folk who are interested in ghosts and maintain a well-grounded view of any phenomena we may encounter, and we are always looking out for candidates to join our team.  Bear in mind, these events are not for the faint-hearted, so don't go for joining a vigil if you are afraid of the dark or easily spooked. We don't want screamers on our vigils, - but don't worry, we won't send you on a solo vigil on your first night!

Here is a list of some of the many investigations we have done.  As this is still a new web site we are currently loading our reports one by one, so only the first ones are complete.  Click on the links in bold to view completed reports.  If you wish to comment on the investigations or add your own pictures & experiences if you took part, or if you did a similar investigation we would be very interested to hear from you in our forum, which has threads corresponding to each event.

Chillingham Castle - Northumberland

Dunstanburgh Castle - Northumberland

The Crown Inn - Lewes, Sussex

Michelham Priory - Sussex

The Bishop's Palace - Llandaff Wales

Baskerville Hall - Powys , Wales

Beamish Hall - County Durham

Arundel Gaol - Arundel, Sussex

St Briavels Castle - Gloucestershire

Preston Manor - Brighton, Sussex

Queens Head - Monmouth

North East Air Museum - Sunderland

Skirrid Inn - Wales

Marsdon Grotto - Jarrow

Manor House Hotel - Ferryhill County Durham

Manor House Hotel - West Auckland

Empire Theatre - Sunderland

Tutbury Castle

Station House Hotel - Dudley

Regency Hotel - Brighton

Busby Stoop Inn -North Yorkshire

Ancient Unicorn Inn - County Durham

Ashton Court Manor Grounds- Bristol

Kielder Castle - Northumberland

Schooner Hotel - Northumberland

Wychwood Forest - Oxfordshire

Shrieve House - Stratford

Castle Keep - Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Red Lion - Pontefract

The Wellington Hotel - Boscastle


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