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Like to discuss everything ghost?  Here is the place to give your views, debate and meet others interested in the paranormal.  From spectors and ghouls to ethereal beings and poltergeists, tell us your ghost experiences!  This is also the place where members can give their own experiences & reports on a particular investigation they attended, share photos, or ask questions about what occured.  If you want to contribute stories to Ghostpod you may also do this via this forum.  The forum is primarily a paranormal and ghost discussion group, but by popular request there are also sections on the forum for members to discuss other more fringe topics such as UFOs or other paranormal phenomena.  

All views are accepted, sceptic and believer alike of any faith provided the forum rules are followed by engaging in friendly & tolerant debate, and we discourage those who would use it to force a particular dogma or belief on others.  This forum is simply for those like us who are fascinated by the paranormal.  Please feel free to join the forum & chatrooms, which are for members only.

Please note any opinions expressed on the forum are those of individual members only and are not to be construed as statements or views of or the team.

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