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We have included some links here to websites of friends and connections who have supported Everything Ghost and follow similar objectives to ours, or to other sites which we generally recommend in areas of all things ghost and the paranormal whether for investigations, information or purely enjoyment.  
The Caspian Group
The Caspian Group are a Sussex based team who conduct paranormal investigations and ghost hunts across the South East which we have shared or joined.  Sue Smith is a well known and respected medium who runs this friendly and well grounded group who are the official mediums and investigation team for Preston Manor, Brighton.
Professional Guided Walks Discovering Cardiff's History
Cardiff History And Hauntings
Featuring The Llandaff Ghost Walk.   Of all the ghost walks and tours we have done, we have found this to be the very best in terms of quality of research, fascinating history, and ghost folklore.   The thinking man's ghost walk, do this walk if you want the real deal. Don't expect gimmicks, cheap thrills or razzmatazz on this one, or it's not your style
Society For Psychical Research
Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.  The SPR was the first organisation established to examine allegedly paranormal phenomena using scientific principles. However we find they are not exclusively sceptics, and have people of all beliefs who simply use respected research methods to ascertain the truth behind anomalous phenomena.
The Ghost Club
The Ghost Club is the oldest organisation in the world associated with psychical research.  It was founded in 1862 but has its roots in Cambridge University where, in 1855, fellows at Trinity College began to discuss ghosts and psychic phenomena. Several of our members recommend or are members of the Ghost Club.
The Fortean Times
A must-read for anyone who has a serious interest in the paranormal.  Mature and scientific, the magazine presents you with known data or facts without any unreasonable assumptions and it's left to you to decide.   The  most respected and undoubtedly the best magazine of it's kind.
Keep The Paranormal Friendly (KTPF)

Established in 2007 with the specific purpose to keep the paranormal community and its many groups friendly.  It seems that over the years the subject of the paranormal world has become a competition, but believe it or not, it is big enough for everyone, despite what people may think. No matter what country you are in, we all are looking for the same results, so why can't everyone help each other?   At KTPF they do just that.  Everything Ghost completely support & agree with KTPF's aims & activities.

Remember - Collaboration Not Competition, as Together We Can Make A Difference.