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Latest News

Whereas we have done many investigations and had earlier forums, this website is still pretty new so there are still updates occurring while it is still getting created.

Please feel free to visit and join our free forum.  New members will now notice the Portal for the forum which adds interest and should make it easy to see new posts, and also will see the Chatroom is now fully operational. You can even choose your own style and colour of the Chatroom if you find it easier on the eye, although most of us prefer black!

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What's The Latest?

Everything Ghost is in the News

Well, we aren't the type of ghost hunting group that craves publicity or is trying to make a fast buck on reporting paranormal phenomena and a spook show to order; we don't charge for investigations and know ghosts won't perform like circus dogs, but as it happens we are in the news.  The Brighton Argus has run an article about our investigation at the Crown Inn, Lewes, and as we were pretty excited at the phenomena we experienced there over several investigations, we are glad the news on one is out of the bag.   We have gone to so many "haunted pubs" that just don't live up to expectations, this one was different for us. The landlady Karen has told me she has been contacted by national press too about this, so it will likely be more widely known now.   If anyone wants to contact our team or ask about this location, or the events that happened there, please contact us on the forum, as there is a thread there all about the Crown Inn  here

Ghostpod Number 12

We have just released Ghostpod number 12 this New Year 2013, and hope this will ring in a successful new year for both Ghostpod and Everything Ghost.   The Ghostpod Team have received many messages of appreciation from our listeners all over the world, from Australia to north West Canada, and would like to thank everyone for the encouragement, warm wishes and for all the stories that have been sent in by listeners to the shows.  We will try to keep releasing podcasts each month, and hope we receive some new great stories to share.

Latest on Investigations & Reports

You will have noticed although we have done many investigations, currently we only have the first few reports completed and which are accessible in the Investigations page.   Some other investigations currently have links to incomplete pages, and we apologise for this but as this is a new web site we are working hard to get them loaded as soon as possible.   

We have completed many new investigations over the last year including those at Pendle Hill, St Briavel's Castle and most recently a new one at Baskerville Hall.   We will do our best to go through all our recorded footage and get reports onto the website as soon as we can.

You will notice our investigation reports mention video footage of various phenomena we have filmed.  As this takes quite some time to load up and to get it so you actually can see what we can view on our TV (not so easy when transferring to somewhere like Youtube or Photobucket, as often the details are lost).   We have decided to concentrate on just getting the reports up first and then when these are done we will work on the video, and splice in the links to the reports.

We have managed to upload some of the oddities we have captured on audio recorders, which are in the reports and for you to listen to at your leisure.

Upcoming Investigations

Our plans have not yet been fully finalised for the upcoming investigations, but we hope to do some early in the year, possibly at St Briavel's Castle, Cosmeston Lakes and Usk Castle.   We also look forward to doing an investigation at the Old Shire Hall in Monmouth some time this year.  

Any news you have to give us?  Please visit the forum and let us know!